About Us

The Brand story:

Brazil is known world-wide for its natural beauty, and welcoming culture. Full of colors, nature, and positive vibes, Brazil reflects the energy of happiness and simplicity. Inspired on that, our designer brought Sara Boo to existence in 2010, with the purpose of sharing the magic within Brazil to the entire world.

Therefore, Sara Boo is a Brazilian brand that was born from the passion of the diversified and wealthy nature of Brazil.

The company beliefs:

We believe in the harmonious relationship between men and nature, in the sensuality exposed through the richness nature of Brasil, and in the upward movement of the women, free of any kind of prejudice. "INSPIRED IN BRAZIL, WORN WORLD-WIDE."
Our brand stands for the fashion wear as a free way to express our values and beliefs to the society and to the world.

Our customers:

The modern women who knows what she wants and who exposes her beliefs, and values through her clothes.

Our differential:

Sara Boo is different because it explores, in a sensual way, the Brazilian nature by taking all its richness and lightness to our clothing collections.